Top 4K Content on Netflix (Series, Movies, and TV Shows)

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Netflix is the most popular video streaming Giant. It is collecting popular TV series, movies, documentaries and any of the content which is or was in high demand at any point in time. On Netflix data is classified according to many categories like genres like romance, comedy, science fiction etc.  These days with the advancement of Technology, the classification has also extended to 4K content. Yes, now you can also categories and watch specifically 4K content on Netflix.

4K Content on Netflix

4K content on Netflix

These days there are a lot of 4k movies streaming on Netflix. Access to 4K videos or as Ultra HD requires a “platinum” plan, which costs $11.99 per month. Previously, members of Netflix’s typical HD streaming plan, of $8.99 also had access to the company’s limited collection of 4K content. You can watch unlimited of videos on both of these plans and you can also create 4 accounts for your family and friends by paying a little extra. Also, you can access 2 devices at the same time as off now on this plan. This limit might grow in future as said by the senior company officials.

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What is exactly this 4K content?

For those who are still unaware of 4K content, it’s time to upgrade. Gone are the days of compromising with only Netflix HD resolution and Netflix Dolby vision titles. It is basically a horizontal screen display resolution of 4,000 pixels. They are also called Ultra HD videos and you need 4K compatible device to watch these ultra crisp videos.

Here’s a list of movies, shows, and performances streaming on Netflix in 4k Ultra HD, some with HDR (High Dynamic Range) color improvements.  These are all Netflix Original content. Apart from this, there is also some content which Netflix has uploaded with Distribution and copyrights.

Netflix 4K movies list 2018

Netflix Original Series Netflix Original Films Netflix comedies and Documentaries
 13 reasons why.  A Christmas prince. Jow Rogan: triggered.
vA series of Unfortunate Events. Bright. Oh hello, on Broadway.
 Abstract: the Art of design. Candy jar. The Kissing Booth.
 Black Mirror. Death Note. Traver Noah.
Bloodline.   Little Evil What the Health.
  Collateral limited Series.  Mute  Ryan Hamilton: happy face
 Dear White People  Naked  My next guest needs no introduction with David Letterman.
  Everything Sucks.  Rapture Louis C.K. 2017.
Orange is the New Black   Seven Seconds Katt Williams: great America.
 Ultimate Beastmaster.   The Week off.   Gabriel Iglesias.

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Although you can watch Netflix 4k on pc as well if you have a Netflix 4k plan. But the quality will be compromised so to enjoy 4k content on Netflix please ensure that you have compatible 4K TV or multimedia devices.

Final verdict

4K content is vastly available on many other sites also. There are many torrent sites which stream 4k movies for free.  You can simply do a web search for 4K movies download and download movies from torrent sites. You can also watch 4k movies on Amazon prime. If you want to explore more and you are not satisfied with Amazon 4k content and Netflix 4K plan. The list continues to 4k on Hulu and there is a treasure of best 4k movies on Reddit.

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