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Launchers did not gain popularity among the users as it might have expected to get with its functions and features, a good launcher can transform the entire look and the working of the phone. ADW launcher Apk is an app which changes the total look of the phone, the boring interface of the phone you get on the phone can be changed by the ADW launcher.

Awd Launcher apk

What is ADW Launcher Apk?

We find apps and games which help us to pass time or their other uses of these apps. But how can a launcher help us? Launcher changes the whole interface of the phone, it adds lots of feature and function which make the phone look better and work according to convenience. ADW launcher App customizes the look of the whole phone, the home screen, the apps arrangement, everything concerning to the interface of the phone. You can customize your own theme and the display setting on the phone, there are lots of widgets to add from ADW launcher, launcher also makes the phone work fast and smoothly. For an ultimate shift in the appearance of the phone, as you can change every interface on the phone with the help of ADW launcher Apk.

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AWD Launcher Pro Apk

New features on the phone are added to the upgraded version of the AWD Launcher pro-Apk. There are small and slightly different changes that are made in the pro version of the launcher. You can change your phone’s interface to iPhone or windows phone, you can also create our own theme. You can also change the menu, widgets and other features of the phone through this app. The ADW launcher download is a great launcher to have on phones and it only makes the phone better.

ADW launcher Apk

Features of the AWD Launcher Apk

  • Add the widget on the phone, it provides the user with lots of options to choose widgets.
  • It manages shortcut and widget as per user convenience.
  • Manages the home screen option.
  • Internal and external themes inside the phone.
  • Search application very fast.
  • Scroll fast with the ADW launcher
  • Lots of icon badges to choose, select and save it as icon badge on any app you want.
  • Change your phone to any interface you want to do, iPhone, windows phone etc.
  • Supports the 7.1 android systems.
  • Context menu for all desktop objects.

ADW launcher Version

Latest Version V2.0.1.67
Last update 02.23.2018
Requirements 2.3 and above
Operating System Android
 Size 13.58 MB
 Category Launcher
Offered by Anderweb

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How to download ADW launcher in Android

  • Go to the Google search and search for the ADW launcher Apk.
  • Visit the official website and download the ADW Launcher Apk file which is compatible with your system.
  • Go to the security setting on the phone.
  • Go to the install app option and enable the unknown sources option.
  • Search for the downloaded Apk file on the phone.
  • Install the launcher on the phone and enjoy the Launcher

ADW launcher for iOS

  • To download ADW launcher on iOS devices, go to the official website and look for the version compatible with your iOS system.

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