5 Best Browsers for Android Tablets & Phones [Latest Update]

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Web browsers are one of the most important pieces of software on your device. It serves as a window that gives you access to the World Wide Web. The browser application comes pre-installed on your Android device. Not all of them provide you with a reliable and smooth browsing experience. The fastest browsers for android are not necessarily the best ones. There are other important factors too. So here you can check the best browsers for Android list.

Best browsers for Android

Best Browsers for Android

A good browser can even help in improving the speed of web pages.  They use third-party plugins, save the passwords, and other methods to improve your browsing experience. We have gone through the features of different browsers to deliver you the most intuitive and robust browser. Still, it depends on the individual taste to pick the best one. You can check the top web browsers for Android here.

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Brave Browser

best android browser for downloading

Brave is a web browser that came out in 2016. It is an open-source web browser that has a lot of features. Its secure browsing makes it one of the best Android browsers. The browser is known for removing internet advertisements, blocking website trackers, and improving online privacy. The application reduces the data consumption and battery drain. You will get all the necessary features like new tabs, history, privacy tabs, and bookmarks.

Dolphin Browser

Dolphin browser android

Dolphin browser android has received several awards since the time of its release. It is a freeware application that is available for both Android and iOS devices. The browser has an interesting feature called dolphin sonar. It allows the users to search, share, and navigate by giving voice commands.  This makes it the best browser for Android 2018. Some of its most interesting features include Adblocker, flash player support, tabbed browsing, and incognito mode. By using Dolphin Connect you can even the data in the background.

Opera Mini Browser

best browsers for Android phones

You might have used the Opera browser on your PC. Its mini version for Android is good too. The application keeps receiving new features from the team behind the Opera. This is the best android browser for downloading videos from your favorite social media platform using this browser. The additional features on the browser include night mode, news updates, speed dial, private browsing, and data tracker. Opera mini browser is lightweight and has all the necessary features that an Android user would want.

Puffin Browser

Best Android Browsers

Puffin Browser Android is another interesting browser for Android.  It was released by CloudMosa for Android, Windows, and iOS operating systems. The main strength of the browser lies in its speed and support for flash player and its content. This browser comes with a virtual trackpad and gamepad, blocks the pop-ups automatically. Other important features of the browser include color themes for sidebar and toolbar and cloud support. If you want to keep the data on your mobile secure even after using a public Wi-Fi then you must opt for this browser. The best browsers for Android’s list just cannot be completed without this browser.

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Google Chrome

Top Android Browsers

This browser has over 1 billion downloads. This clearly depicts its popularity amongst the Android users. On most of the Android devices, this browser is pre-installed. On Chrome’s default homepage you can view news articles that the browser thinks you may like. You can even save the webpage for offline viewing. The user is warned about any dangerous link that appears on the page so that you can browse safely. It was amongst the best browser for Android 2017 and is still tops the list.

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