How to Clear Cache on iPhone (4, 5, 6, 7, 7 Plus, 8)?

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iPhone is one of the most user-friendly phone available in the market, people buy iPhone to use that user-friendly interface and functions. When people use a phone they hardly care about the websites they are visiting or the files that get on the phone once they visit these websites. Now when they get out of these websites, there are files that remain on the phone and these files can harm the performance of the phone. How to clear cache on iPhone is an important task as it is important to clear these files from time to time, to safeguard the phone getting anything harmful inside it.

How to Clear Cache file on iPhone

How to Clear Cache on iPhone

These cache files can slow down the working of the phone and can harm the phone in the long run. One might not realize what is happening to the phone but these harmful elements can harm the phone in every way possible. So it is important to clear cache files from the iPhone to save it from the harmful virus.

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Clear cache files from the safari

Safari is the default browser of the iPhone, which means that iPhone users use safari browser more than any other browser. So when they use safari the cache files from the safari browsers used to be high or more than any other browser. It is important to clear the cache files safari browser from time to time and keep the browsing safe and secure. It is not difficult to clear cache files from the iPhone if the users follow these steps and clear cache files from iPhone.

  • Open the setting option on the iPhone and search for the safari in the list of options.
  • Click the safari option and open the safari settings.
  • Now from the list of options search for the clear history and website data.
  • Select confirm when the option to clear pop up, and clear history and data from the iPhone.

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How to clear iPhone storage

Apps in the iPhone also create lots of unwanted data and files which the user needs to clear time to time so that they can free up space on the phone. To clear up the app cache files the user needs to go to the setting and check as How to clear cache on iPhone?

  • Go to the setting of the phone and go to the general settings of the phone.
  • Go to the iPhone storage and look at the apps which are using the most amounts of data and the apps which are taking most of the space.
  • If it is more than that then delete the App and reinstall the App.
  • By doing this the old unwanted data will be deleted from the phone.

Clear iPhone Ram

The Users can free up the spaces on the phone by restarting the iPhone, once in a while it is important to restart the phone to clear the unwanted data from the phone. First switch off the phone let it switched off totally and then switch it on again. By keep doing this time to time the user’s phone will able clear a bit of memory on the phone.

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