How to Compress Video Files Online (Android/Mac)

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Videos are one of the most popular sources of entertainment. People love watching videos during their free time. But their size is a major issue. If you want to watch videos, you need huge memory space on your system. Computer users can still store a lot of videos. But when it comes to mobile users, there are a lot of limitations. By reading the article, you will come to know how to compress video files.  You can even compress video online for Whatsapp.

How to Compress Video Files

How to Compress Video Files

If you want to store a large number of videos, you will have to compress them. You might be wondering whether the compression will affect the videos quality or not. The answer is a yes or no both. It totally depends on the method you use for compressing video. This method is also going to help you save your internet pack.  When you send videos on the internet, the data pack is consumed accordingly. You might have noticed the same while sending videos to your friends.

There are different methods of compressing videos. You can compress video size online. There are certain websites that offer free service for video compression. You will be able to compress mp4 video online.  If you do not use the internet, use Handbrake or QuickTime software. This software allows the user to reduce the size of videos without affecting its quality.

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How to Compress Videos without Losing Quality

Looking for tools that compress videos without losing quality? Handbrake is one of the most popular tools for video compression. This tool converts videos of nearly every format. You can use the software on Mac, Linux, and Windows operating system.

  • Go to the official site of Handbrake to access this tool. Open Handbrake on your system. The application’s icon looks like a pineapple with a drink.
  • At the upper-left corner of the window, you will find “Open Source” button.
  • Click on the File folder and select a video. Navigate to the location of the video. Tap on Open to view the video.
  • Select the quality and frame rate for your video. Always select the actual or lower video quality. For example- If the video is of 720p the select the 720p option or a lower one. For best compression results, tap on fast and very fast frame rate options.

Compressing Video

  • The name of the video file appears in the middle of the page. Replace the old name with a new one.
  • Check the box for “Web Optimized”. This will ensure that video compression follows web standards.
  • Check the settings for the video using the video tab. You will find the video tab at the bottom of the window.
  • Now, click the “Start Encoding” button. The video compression will begin.
  • Wait for the compression process to complete.

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How to Compress a Video on Mac

Learn How to Compress Video Files easily using these steps:

  • First, open the video in QuickTime.
  • Go to File->Export.
  • Select the quality of the video.
  • Enter a name for the video. Select a location for saving the video.
  • Click on save and wait until the video compression is complete.

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