How to Delete Songs from iPhone 4 through iTunes

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If you do not need a song, delete the song. Some people keep unnecessary data on their mobiles. It’s always a good idea to free up some space on your iPhone. The process of deleting a song is simple. But iPhone devices have some complexities in deleting songs. Get to know how to delete songs from iPhone by reading this article.

How to Delete Songs from iPhone

How to Delete Songs from iPhone

In iPhone, you can download songs using different ways. Some users use iCloud while others applications. When you download songs from iTunes, you have to use your Apple Id. So the deletion process will also vary. You can delete songs using iCloud, iTunes, and Music app. If you face storage issues on your mobile then you should definitely delete music files. Regular updates of the iOS software and other applications cause these issues too. You can either delete one song at a time or delete multiple songs.

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iPhone Delete Songs

Use the following steps to know How to Delete Songs from iPhone:

  • Unlock your iPhone and open the Music App. By default, the app will appear at the bottom of the screen.
  • Open the Library page. In case, the page is already open, the list will appear on the screen.
  • Just below the “Recently Added” section, there is a drop-down option. Tap and select the type of collection you want to view. The drop-down options will be Songs, Albums, Composer, and many more.

iPhone Delete Songs

  • Find the songs you want to delete. You can tap on an alphabet to view the song starting with that letter. Click on the song you want to delete. The song will start playing and the same will appear on the bottom screen. When you tap on it, full page for the song will open.
  • Click on “…” and tap the delete option.

Delete Songs from iPhone

  • On your iPhone, open the settings application.
  • Open the General page by tapping on “General” option.
  • Now, go to Storage and iCloud usage->Manage Storage. The iCloud storage will give you details regarding the space usage of your device. When you click on manage storage, you will be able to see the apps for their storage details.
  • From the list of different applications on your device, select the Music app. On the top, you will see the “All Songs” option. Below all songs option the list of songs will appear. The songs are arranged in descending order. From the song taking more space at the top of the list.

Delete Songs from iPhone

  • If you are going to swipe any of these options to the left, delete option will appear. You can delete the songs using this option. Alternatively, use the “Edit” option.
  • The edit option will display a circular red icon in front of songs. Once you tap on the red circle, you can delete the songs.

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How to Delete Music from iTunes

You can delete songs from iPhone using iTunes too. You will have to unsync the iTunes app from other devices. Once you remove the sync with other devices, changes will appear only on your device. Now, open the Music Library and long press the song you want to delete. Once the delete the song option appears, tap on it. Deleting music from iTunes is necessary. Whenever your iPhone is connected to iTunes, the data is synced. So the music files will reappear on your iPhone.

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