How to Insert Watermark in Word (2013/2007/2010)

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A watermark is a form of identifying pattern or image. The pattern appears as various shades of darkness or lightness. These help in identifying the owner. Word document has the feature of adding watermarks. In the article, the steps on how to insert watermark in Word are given. You can insert watermark in word 2016 and previous versions. Read the article to know more.

How to Insert Watermark in Word

How to Insert Watermark in Word

The process of adding a watermark in Word is simple. You need to go through certain tabs and settings to add the watermark. Adding them to the document adds a level of professionalism to the document. You can add a text or picture watermark to the Word file. The application allows the user to customize the mark according to your needs.

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Inserting Watermark in Word

There are certain benefits of Watermarks you can check them below:

  • Protection: People can easily copy the photos or documents you add on the internet. Some people even add them to their sites and claim it to be their own. But if you add your logo or other copyright notice on the photo, you can protect them.
  • Descriptive Caption: You can add a descriptive caption to the image so that it becomes more meaningful.
  • Tags: Add the name of your friends as a watermark on the photos. This will help in easily identifying the person.
  • Information: You can make the image more informative by adding watermarks.

How to Add Watermark in Word

  • First, open the Word document in which you want to add watermark. Alternatively, you can use the file menu to create a new document.

Inserting Watermark in Word

  • On the menu bar, you will find “Page Layout” menu. Click on the Page Layout tab.
  • Now, the watermark option will appear on the ribbon. In case, you do not find this option click on design tab. There are certain versions of Word with watermark in design menu.

How to Add Watermark in Word

  • Tap on Watermark. The option looks like a slightly folded page. Microsoft Word will show you a list of sample watermarks. You can add them to your document.

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How to Add Watermark in Word 2013

If you want to know more about How to Insert Watermark in Word, read more:

  • First, open the document and click on Page Layout.
  • Now, select watermark option to add watermark to word.
  • At the bottom of the drop-down, you will find the “Custom Watermark” option. Click to open the dialog box with customization options.

Adding a Watermark in Word

  • By default, the “No watermark” option will be checked. There are two options for creating a watermark. The first one is “Picture Watermark”. Select a picture so that you can add it as a watermark.
  • From the scale, drop-down select a scale or allow the word to do it automatically.
  • Make sure you check the box for “Washout” to make the picture transparent.
  • The second option is “Text Watermark”. You can add a mark of your own language. Tap on the text field to select a watermark. Alternatively, you can even add your own text.
  • Now, change the font and size of the text. Using the transparency slider you can set the opacity of the watermark.
  • Set the orientation of the mark and click on ok.

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