How to Remove Password from Excel File 2010 & 2013?

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Passwords are very important in protecting the document from unwanted access. Microsoft Excel provides this amazing feature of password protection. You can even restrict access to the document by a certain set of people. If you feel that your document no longer needs protection, you can remove the password. Learn How to Remove Password from Excel in the quickest way. There are even Excel Password Remover available.

How to Remove Password from Excel

How to Remove Password from Excel

There are different ways of protecting the Excel document. You can set a password for the Excel sheet or the Excel Workbook. The Excel Workbook is a collection of excel sheets. You can individually set a password for sheets. Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet that features pivot tables, calculations, and graphics tools. Password protection can sometimes be a problem if you keep forgetting passwords. So in such cases, you can remove the password for your document.

Excel Password: Removal

Want to know How to remove password from Excel? You can use the Review menu in the Excel sheet to set and remove the password.

For Excel WorkSheet

  • First, locate your Excel document and open it.
  • Second, tap on any of the cells. You will get a pop-up message with an Ok button. The message states that the document has a password protection. Click on OK button.
  • Click on the Review Tab. The menu appears next to the Data Tab on the top section of the window.

How to Remove Password from Microsoft Excel 2010

  • In the Changes Group section, there will be an “Unprotect Sheet” option. Click on it and a prompt window will password field will open.
  • Enter the password and click on Ok button.
  • Now, the next time you use the sheet you won’t have to use the password.

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For Excel WorkBook

  • First, double-click on the file to open the Excel document.
  • If you try to write on the document, you will see a pop-up message in the middle of the screen. You will be asked to unprotect the sheet before proceeding.
  • Tap on the Review Tab and a set of options will appear just below the menu bar.
  • Click on Unprotect Workbook.
  • A small window with Password field will open.

Excel Password Remover

  • Enter the Password and click on OK button.
  • The spreadsheet will remove the password set in the Workbook.

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How to Remove Password from Microsoft Excel 2010

  • First, open the Excel Document.
  • On the top-left corner of the window, you will find the File option. Tap on File.
  • A drop-down list will open with “Info” option selected by default.

Excel Password

  • On the right side of the Info, there is a Protect Workbook drop-down menu. You can click on the menu to select either Protect Workbook or Protect Sheet. Alternatively, you can click on Unprotect. Permissions section has the list of protected sheets with Unprotect option next to it.
  • Based on the option you select, Unprotect window will open.
  • Enter the Password and press OK.
  • The document will remove the password for the Workbook or Sheet.

Remove Excel Password Online

If you still can’t remove the password, look for Excel Password Remover. These days a lot of online portals offer the facility of password removal from Excel Document. You need to upload the file and in one-click, the password is removed. If you keep forgetting the password then the answer to How to Remove Password from Excel is simple. Use one of these ways and your job is done.

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