How to Reverse Image Search on Google (Computer/ Mobile)

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For those who have used Google, we are sure they have used the Google image search. We all need images whether it is a festival, birthday, or any sort of technical search. These images are shown as a result of search query we enter in its search box. But have you tried using the reverse image search on Google? If not then you must check the steps on how to reverse Image search.

How to reverse image search

How to Reverse Image Search

Before proceeding towards its detailed process you must know, what is reverse image search? It is a search engine technology that takes a picture or image as input. After inserting the image you will be able to see information related to it. Some of the popular search engines that offer this service include TinEye and Google. The technique used by these search engines is based on CBIR. Here, CBIR stands for Content-Based Image Retrieval.

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How to Google Reverse Image Search

The process is simple. You do not need any sort of technical knowledge for it. In fact, this is a free reverse image search service.

  • Here, we are going to use the Google’s image search but you can use other sites too. First, visit the official website of Google. Now, tap on the images tab that appears at the top.
  • Now, you will be able to see a search field. As a normal user, you might have used this option to search for an image by typing the query. Here, you need to click on the camera button. This button appears just before the search button.
  • There are two different methods for uploading the image. The first one is “Paste Image URL” that allows you to access the image through the URL. Another method is “Upload an image”. This one will allow you to select an image from the system. Use any of these options.

How to Google reverse image search

  • Now, click on the “Search by image” button.
  • You will be able to see the list of all the places where this image is used. You can check them by clicking on the link provided at the bottom. Now, you might have understood how does Google reverse search work.

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Best Reverse Image Search on Mobile

Since Google doesn’t support the reverse search technique on mobile so we need a web tool. This tool works using the same technology and algorithm as the Google does. To know how to reverse image search on mobile check the steps that are given below

  • First, go to the official webpage of CTRLQ for reverse image search.

Reverse Phone Search

  • On the page, you will be able to see two different buttons. Click on the “select image” button. A dialog box will open. You can browse through your system to select an image.
  • Now, click on the “Reverse search” button. This will redirect you to the Google’s image search page. Make sure you reduce the size of the image as the tool won’t work in case of a very large image. We hope that reverse phone search works for you.

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