10 Kickass Proxy and Mirror Sites-KAT Unblocked

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Torrent sites have always been popular among the users. People have to switch from torrent to another site due to the ban on them. But still, there are a number of users who are interested in torrent sites content. One such site that was popular among the entertainment seekers is kickass torrents. So we have listed some kickass proxy and mirror sites that will serve a similar purpose.

Kickass proxy and mirror sites

Kickass Proxy and Mirror Sites

Once a torrent site gets popular there are more chances that the authorities will block the site. The reason for such a step is internet piracy. Kickass torrents site was facing similar consequences. If you are still interested in kickass movies, you will have to visit the proxy sites. These KAT proxy sites are specially designed to give the user a kickass unblock experience.

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Kickass Torrents

Kickass Torrents was one of the most reliable torrents sites. In no time the site became very popular. With this site people were able to access a wide range of entertainment sources. This includes movies, e-books, TV shows, music, and more. With massive user interface, it was one of the largest torrent sites. The fan following of KAT was much more than other popular sites like Extra Torrent.

KAT Kickass: Why was the Site Taken Down?

Downloading content from the torrent sites is illegal. In fact, the people hosting them are doing illegal work too. Until and unless the site isn’t famous, there is not much attention given to them. But the time it becomes famous, it incurs high losses to the original content producers. KAT survived a lot of time by changing its domain name. After a thorough investigation, the owner of the site was arrested. This led to the shutting down of Kickass Torrents.

KAT Unblocked

Kickass Proxy

Kickass proxy is a site that acts as the original kickass torrent. In a way, they are the replica of the original website. These sites are a blessing for the kickass torrent fans. These sites do not have a content of their own. Instead, they access the main server to show the actual content on their website. This is the reason for calling them the kickass mirror. If KAT is blocked for your location you can use these sites to access the content of the main site.

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Kickass Proxy List

It is very important for you to select the right kickass mirror sites. The speed of different proxy sites will vary. We have listed below some of the active kickass proxy and mirror sites. These will provide you continuous access to the site.

Kickasstorrents.video Working
Kickass.unlockproject.co Working
Kat.proxybit.loan Working
Kickass.cd Working
Kat.gameking.pw Down
Thekat.info Working
Kickass.immunicity.st Working
Kickass.unlockproject.today Down
Kat.sitescrack.info Working
Kat.torrentfeed.pw Working

Kickass Proxy Sites

Before visiting a torrent site you should make sure you use an ad-blocker and VPN service. VPN service helps in hiding your locations. The concerned authorities may charge a hefty fine for using the service. Ad-blocker will give you a smoother experience as the ads are annoying.  If you are a KAT user, you are going to find the list of proxy sites useful. These sites are going to give you an experience similar to the original one.

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