Network Spoofer Apk Download 2.4.0 for Android

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What will you do if you have access to the internet system of your friend in a way that you can change the website content that your friend trying to browse? What if you can make their Google page upside down, you can control your friend’s phone and internet with this Network Spoofer Apk. It is a unique tool for the people who love to do pranks on friends and family members.

Network Spoofer apk

What is Network Spoofer Apk?

Network Spoofer Apk is an app that let you control the network of computers and phones of other people. It is mainly for the fun and prank purpose so that people can have fun with other people. This application is a fun way to show that how vulnerable the home network is to the simple attacks, it is not a hacking application.

But if it is used against the big network such as corporate institutions or schools then they may consider it hacking and action can be taken against the people creating these problems in their network. Other than this, the network spoofer is a good app to have fun and irritate other by blocking and changing their web contents on their devices. You can delete random words and add or replace words in the pages of the website, the user can redirect the website pages to other pages.

Network Spoofer Apk Version  

Name of the application Network Spoofer
Latest updated date 3 March 2018
Latest Version 2.4.0
Size 2.2 MB
Publishers W-Shackleton
Requirements Root(superuser), Wifi, 500MB SD space

Features of the Network Spoofer App

Network Spoofer for android

  • The user can flip the pictures upside down of any website by using the Network Spoofer.
  • Flip the text upside down of any website by using the Network Spoofer.
  • Make any Network Experience Gravity with this App.
  • Redirect any website pages to other website pages.
  • Delete and replace random words from the websites with the help of this app.
  • Change all the pictures that are uploaded to the websites into troll faces.
  • Add few custom changes on your own with the help of this app and start having fun with friends and family members.
  • Network Spoofer will help you to change any features of the websites if you have the IP address of the network.

Download Network Spoofer Apk for Android

  • Go to the Google search and search for the Network Spoofer Apk.
  • Download the Network Spoofer Apk on your Android Phone.
  • Go to your security setting on your Android Phone.
  • Choose the security setting on your Phone.
  • Select the option of install Apps.
  • Select the unknown source option and make it enable.
  • Use the file manager to find the Network Spoofer Apk file on your Android Phone.
  • Once you found the Apk file Install the App and enjoy the App by doing pranks with family and friends.

How to download Network Spoofer App for iPhone/iOS

To download Network Spoofer Apk on iPhone and iOS devices go to the official websites and search for the compatibility of your systems and devices.

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