Pixel Launcher Apk Download for Android (Oreo/ Nougat/ Lollipop)

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Are you using Google Now Launcher? Do you want to customize your Android phone’s screen? Looking for some launcher for Nougat or Oreo devices? Here you can check Pixel Launcher Apk which is also known as Nexus Launcher that is the best alternative to Google Now Launcher and in place of Google Now Launcher; you can use Pixel Launcher for most of your Android devices. Here you can check the details about Pixel Launcher Apk for Oreo, Nougat, and Lollipop devices.

pixel launcher apk

Pixel Launcher Apk: Introduction

Pixel Launcher is similar to the Nexus Launcher with only a few changes in the app in comparison with Nexus Launcher. The Pixel Launcher will work properly only on those devices that have at least Android 7.0 Nougat. The design and layout of this Pixel Launcher apk are very simple. The user can check the weather report that appears at the right side of the corner. You will find the visual refresh of the wallpaper picker. Coming to the presentation part, you will find circular folder presentation along with shortcuts of app icons.

Pixel Launcher Latest Apk: Features

  • Google Search Widget and Swipe Up: The user will find the Google Search Widget on the home screen along with swipe up features at the bottom side where you can see all apps.
  • App Drawer: In the app drawer, you will find all your favorite apps using App suggestions.
  • Shortcuts of App: In this section, you will find the list of app features and place located.
  • Google Card: The Google Card consists news and customized information and you can check it by swiping the home screen rightwards.
  • Dynamic Clock
  • Optimization
  • Google Icons
  • At a glance, settings are now replaced with enable/disable toggle.
  • Dark Widgets works on Android old version including 5, 6, and 7.
  • Navigation bar is available to the light widgets

Pixel Launcher Android Oreo

pixel launcher for lollipop

If you are looking for a customizable launcher for Android devices, then Pixel Launcher 3.0 is designed for Pixel 2 XL’s 8.1 Oreo platforms. In Android 8.0 Oreo is featured with Picture-in-picture, adaptive icons, notification categories and badges, prediction of text, and many more. In Android Oreo 8.1, you will find password autofill, API memory, SDK version, Neural API networks, and many other features. So download the latest version of Pixel Launcher 3.0 that is Android 8.1 Oreo from here.

Pixel Launcher 3.0 Download

If you want to download Pixel Launcher 3.0 on your android device, then you can check the process of rootless pixel launcher 3.0 download below. The launcher comes with amazing features including automatic dark theme where you will find various features including Set of icons, Google Card, App Drawer swipe gesture, shortcuts to apps that are compatible. You can also check Google Pixel 2 Launcher Apk download for android.

Pixel Launcher Supported Devices

The pixel launcher works very well and all the operating system of Android that you can check below. The best thing that the pixel launcher has is that the user can download Pixel Launcher without rooting. Hence, it is also known as Rootless Launcher.

  • Lollipop 5.0 (Android)
  • Android 6.0 Marshmallow
  • Nougat Android (7.0/7.1)
  • Android 8.0 Oreo stable

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