Proxy Sites List-Top 15 Proxy Sites Free [Latest Update]

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You might have noticed that a lot of time when you surf the internet the sites do not open. Either you do not have access to the websites or there is some other form of error. What if you still want to access the content of such websites? In such a case proxy sites are going to help you. Although a lot of sites claim to deliver the working list of proxy servers they don’t. Here, we have listed the working proxy sites list.

Proxy Sites List

Proxy Sites List

The user without actually going to the sites and servers is allowed to send and receive information from different sites using the freeproxy. In simple terms, the proxy server acts as a bridge between the server and the end user. It involves tricking the filters or firewall so that proxy sites unblock websites for you. These sites are going to relieve you from the errors like “Page cannot be displayed”. If you love watching movies or listening to music then using the proxy you can even access some of the popular blocked sites. Here, the list even includes the best proxy sites for videos.

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Proxy Server Free: Working

You can understand the working of proxy servers with the example of the computer network. The server and the client do not communicate directly. Here, the client sends the request for the resources such as a web page or a file to the proxy server. So the proxy server is going to fetch the resources from the remote server and send them to the client. Here, the Proxy sites list even includes unblocked proxy sites or fresh unblocked proxy sites. In case you do not like using sites then you can also check the best proxy server software like hidester.

Types of Proxy

  • Anonymous: This type of proxy doesn’t reveal your IP information while you access data from them. Using the log analysis it can be detected that a proxy is being used as the request fields change.
  • Transparent: These types of proxies are simple HTTP requests and are not anonymous. These types of proxies transfer the real IP address. They are not used for security purposes. You can use them to speed up the network.
  • Fully Anonymous: Here, the server wouldn’t identify itself as a proxy server. The processing involves replacing the REMOTE_ADDR header with the proxy server’s IP address. So the administrative folks will get confused and consider the proxy server as the client.
  • Forward: It is an internet facing proxy that retrieves data from a variety of sources that are located anywhere on the internet.
  • Tunneling: This is a form of gateway that just passes the request and responses without any sort of modification.
  • Reverse: A reverse proxy server works in such a way that it passes the request to the isolated private networks through the firewall. These servers prevent direct access to the sensitive data on content servers of the isolated network. If you enable caching then the proxy can even help in reducing the network traffic

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Best Free Proxy Server List

Proxy Servers Name URL
Don’t Filter Us
Blew Pass
England Proxy
Greatest Free Proxy
Web Proxy
Free Open Proxy
K Proxy
VPN browse
Hide n Seek


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