YouTube Tricks, Hacks, and Tips That You Should Know

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There are a lot of video sites on the web that offer premium quality videos. YouTube still tops the chart with its amazing content, quality, and other features. Whenever people think of watching a movie, TV shows, or any form of video YouTube is the first name that strikes their mind is YouTube. There are certain secrets to YouTube that you might not be aware of. We have listed some YouTube tricks that will help you access them easily.

YouTube tricks

YouTube Tricks

We are sure you might know certain basic features of YouTube but there are much more to it. These tricks also include YouTube hacks download. You can check the tips given below.

1.      YouTube tips to customize the URL

If you want to provide users with an easy to provide web address then you can customize it accordingly. The URL can be based on things like your username, display name or any current vanity URL. It is important to understand that the once the URL is approved you won’t be able to change it. It will be linked to your Google+ and YouTube channel. For eligibility, the account must be 30 days old and must have 100 subscribers. Just open your account settings and click on the “advanced” option. If you are eligible then a prompt will appear where you can click on the link to claim custom URL.

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2.      YouTube search tricks to find free sound effects

YouTube has a collection of high-quality audio tracks. You just need to search them to listen to them and you can even download them. Open the Create Studio pages of your account then click on create option in the menu. Now, choose the “audio library” option. By default the “sound effects” tab will open. Use the search bar to find a particular sound. You can switch to the “Music” tab to browse free music files.  You will find down arrow in front of the audio files. Click on that arrow to download the file. These type of YouTube tricks can help you improve your music library.

YouTube hacks and tricks


3.      YouTube URL tricks to download a video

For this, you won’t need YouTube secret codes. You just need to make changes to URL. Just open the video you wish to download. Add “ss” just before the domain name and press enter. It will redirect you to a page where you can choose a format and download the video.

YouTube tricks and hacks

4.      YouTube hacks and tricks to start a video at a set time

It happens many a times that you want to watch a specific part of a video. You cannot set it again and again so that the video starts playing from that point. For this, you need to open the YouTube video and tap on the share option. A pop-up would appear with multiple options to share.  Just below the URL, there will be a checkbox. Tick that box and set a time. This will change the URL and the video will play accordingly.

YouTube tips

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5.      YouTube tips and tricks to create GIF

You might have noticed that comment on social networking sites has taken a shift to GIFs. If you have seen some interesting GIFs then you might be thinking that how they are created. You can do that using a simple trick. Just open the YouTube video and edit its URL. You will have to write “gif” in front of the domain name i.e. YouTube. Once you press enter you will be redirected to the page that says GIF creator. Now, you customize and create your own GIFs.

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